I think you’ll be surprised hearing Minnie Driver singing… I got a call from Minnie Driver’s crew to do a live recording for her new album release, “Ask Me To Dance,” at The Cutting Room in New York City. Like any other usual on-location recording, I fired up my on-location system and prepared it by making sure all the updates and right files are running smoothly on the two computers (a main recording computer and a backup). On the day of the recording, I brought up the system in the venue, connected it to the venue’s main system and started a sound check. My system was designed to connect to The Cutting Room system digitally re-fader, and is totally separate from what the sound engineer is doing. As a result, I get a very clean signal.

Rubin Nizri with Minnie Driver Post show recording at The Cutting Room

Rubin Nizri with Minnie Driver Post show recording at The Cutting Room

My system’s capacity is 64 separate channels of audio, so when the show started, I was busy monitoring the levels and making sure everything was running smoothly. With my head buried in the recording process, I didn’t focus much at first on Minnie Driver’s performance, but eventually I couldn’t help but pay attention to Minnie Driver’s singing. I had no idea how amazing a singer and performer she is! There are a lot of actors and actresses out there who try to break into the music industry, but don’t quite make a mark like the musicians and rock stars out there. Not Minnie Driver. I became a big fan of her music that night. My favorite song she performed that night was Master Blaster (Jammin) by Stevie Wonder — she gave it a new twist, and I love it. Go check her out asap at: www.minniedriver.com. Till next time….



Written by Rubin