Isaiah Singer and The Stars Below… The Stars Below is my new favorite one… Isaiah Singer is a member of a band called The Seventh Word.  I heard Isaiah sing for the first time when I was approached by him and my good friend Nelson Salis, the drummer of 7W, to mix their debut album, Gold & Gravity. Gold & Gravity was recorded by the band in a barn in the fields of New Hampshire and had a very gritty, raw rock sound. A couple of my favorite tunes that Isaiah wrote on that album are “Thorns” and “Carved In Stone”.  Mixing the album took about three months and when everyone was happy with the sound, the cuts went out for mastering.

Isaiah Singer tracking “The Stars Below” at New Record Studios

Isaiah Singer tracking “The Stars Below” at New Record Studios

Just recently I had the pleasure to work with Isaiah Singer again on couple of his solo tunes. Isaiah’s favorite microphone is the AKG C12VR and whenever I get the chance to record him that’s what we use for his vocal, it really works for his voice too. The music is always good, but the lyrics are what really does it to me with Isaiah’s writing:  very raw yet very emotional and deep. One of the few songs he recorded at NR Recording Studios was called The Stars Below.  I am hoping he will release that song as part of a new solo album that I can wait to hear. You can find out more about Isaiah Singer and The Seventh Word here: Until next time…



Written by Rubin