Honey, I’m building a Recording studio… The journey started back in 1999 when NR Recording Studios was housed in a church on the Upper East Side of Manhattan. After about 12 years I decided it was time to move to a better location. It wasn’t until 2014 that I found my current location in The Metro New York Area in Downtown Jersey City.

Construction started in mid-January of 2014. I wanted to make sure that the recording studio would be exactly what I wanted: a large enough space to make the artist comfortable, while also ensuring I achieved the sound that I like. Also important: because I am a drummer, I wanted to make sure that the drum sound I wanted was possible.

new-record-studios-jersey-city-building-wallThat’s when I went to the drawing board, and started calculating how to divide the room. Next, I started building the structure, and that alone took about two months. When that was done, I shot both rooms to measure frequency response in order to tune the live room to have the right profile of reflection and absorption, and so that the control room has the most accurate representation of the sound recorded. I must say, I am extremly happy with both.
Next came the installation of equipment, the wiring, and finally the acoustic treatment of the rooms. Since I was on a budget, and couldn’t spend much more after spending so much on the new construction, I decided to build the cabinets and the desk myself.┬áIt took me an extra two months to finish the entire recording studio, totaling a full four-month build from the ground up. I take huge pride in every single frequency that comes out of this recording studio.
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Written by Rubin