Her name is Nadia Khodakovska. Repeat that name three times and try not to forget it. The first time I met her was in my previous recording studio a few years back in a church on the Upper East Side. I wanted to explore recording classical music, and found a string quartet to record a couple of pieces. My friend Isaiah suggested that I talk to a cellist he knew and sent me a contact number. After a few calls and a schedule arrangement, a string quartet called The Dolce Vita Strings showed up and was ready to record anything I asked for. Leading this string quartet was none other than… yes, you guessed it: Nadia, a 5’5” tall, beautiful, Ukrainian blonde woman who can play violin with such accuracy, control, and beautiful mesmerizing melody. The one thing any engineer can ask for is a musician who can play, and play well. Yes, you can get a good result from a musician who has some challenges, but when someone knows how to drive well, you can get very far.

Dolce Vita Strings Quartet Tracking at New Record Studios

Dolce Vita Strings Quartet Tracking at New Record Studios

I have recorded Nadia many times before, and one of the items on my to-do list was to record Nadia and the Dolce Vita Strings again in my new recording studio. The results were great, of course (they are all great musicians), but my concern was that since I designed the room for pop, rock, jazz and other contemporary music, it might not respond as well to classical music. I had no reason for concern: I was very happy with what came out of these sessions. You can check out Nadia Khodakovska’s projects at: www.dolcevitastrings.com. Until next time…



Written by Rubin