Hi Everyone,

So the last couple of months have been hectic, my apologies for being M.I.A.  The story for today is the importance of documenting your shows through film and audio.  This also a chance for me to tell you about a magnificent opportunity I got to work with the Cy Walter Foundation.  I was contacted by Cy Walter’s son Mark Walter to record The Cy Walter Centennial Celebration and CD Release Party.

Photo by: Maryann Lopinto

I was asked to do a three hours multi track recording of the celebration and just by a quick initial conversation with Mark I knew that this is going to be a fun one to record, especially after finding out who the performers were and what kind of a material was being performed.  First I’ll give some information about who Cy Walter was:

Cy Walter (September 16, 1915 – August 18, 1968) was an American café society pianist based in New York City for four decades. Dubbed the “Art Tatum of Park Avenue,” he was praised for his extensive repertoire (with an emphasis on show tunes) and improvisatory skill. His long radio and recording career included both solo and duo performances, and stints as accompanist for such elegant vocal stylists as Greta Keller, Mabel Mercer, and Lee Wiley. You can read more about Cy Walter on Wikipedia: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Cy_Walter and on this website: http://cywalter.com/


Since I do a lot of on-location recording, I have learned the importance of documenting your show especially in todays social media and digital world where content is so important. Also, if you are a new artist or a new band it can be a great way to improve how you play or perform live.  Many times a live show recording comes out so well that you can also release it as live album material.  The Cy Walter Centennial Celebration recording shows how well something can come out as far as sound and looks.  I had an absolute pleasure to record and mix the Cy Walter Centennial Celebration show and a fabulous time working with Cy Walter’s son Mark Walter and the amazing cast.  Until next time, Happy Holidays and keep doing what you love…


The video below should be viewed in high definition for the full experience.

Video: Michael Stever

Written by Rubin