One minute I am in my recording studio working with a new band called Baseline Drift, and the next I am in Philadelphia, PA backstage listening to another very unique-sounding band called A Silent Film. There is nothing silent about these guys, trust me.

Baseline Drift was recording vocals with me, and that reminded me that there is still great music out there, made by some very talented musicians. Yes, the music business took some major turns in the last 20 years, but it’s not all bad.

Baseline Drift’s producer Keli Mark is who inspired me to say this, but this post is not about Baseline Drift; I’ll tell you all about those guys in another post. I want to talk about A Silent Film. No, not a movie, but a band that very soon will take up a good portion of the internet’s download bandwith.
Back stage at the A Silent Film show in Philly

Back stage at the A Silent Film show in Philly

They were my reason for traveling to Philly. I was going there to experience the headlining band of a Sunday festival up close and personal. I got to the festival right when the opening act had finished thier set, and the next band was taking over the stage. A Silent Film was going to take the stage right after that next band, so in this little window of time, I had a good opportunity to be introduced to the band by their management (which I had known from working on another project for a band called Road Kill Ghost Choir).
When I met Robert Stevenson and Spencer Walker from A Silent Film, they seemed like two normal lads from a small town in England, but don’t be fooled by that description of these boys: they are seasoned musicians, as well as talented producers. During a long conversation with Robert — the lead singer and musician extraordinaire — I found out that he was the one who records and mixes the band. We discussed such things as the preamps and vocal chain he uses to record his voice. Our conversation was interrupted by the drummer, Spencer, saying it was time…
The next 45 minutes were pure energetic and melodic music driven by a tight and tasty drummer. The band sounded a little like The Killers, yet a little bit like Coldplay, yet very original and unique.
I say go check these guys out: A Silent Film.

Written by Rubin